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Department of Information Technology and Communication (JTMK) Politeknik Kuching Sarawak is one of the main department in Kuching Polytechnic who aspire to become the department’s academic excellence and excellence in implementing the Diploma of Information Technology to produce graduates who are potential, competent and competitive. This department was inaugurated by Mr Dzulkifli bin Ismail, Director of Politeknik Kuching Sarawak on 8 November 2007. Until now the number of staff in JTMK is about 38 people.
Motto for this department is “Reliable, Compatible and Evolve” which describes the overall goal of this department to produce students who are mature, independent, high quality and always “forward” in facing the challenges of new technologies.
There are 9 computer laboratories for teaching and learning.

Programme offered in Department of Information Technology and Communication
Diploma in Information Technology (Digital Technology)
  • Software and Application Development Track
  • Networking Systems Track

Duration 3 years


This programme provides education and training in Computing field with a specific emphasis on Information Technology area. The courses offered is grouped into modules such as Platform Technologies, Computing Foundation, Programming Essentials, Industry-Led modules and Industry Domain Cluster, which are referred to specific task. The courses offered provide opportunities for students to get into a broad range of careers in a variety of ICT sectors. This programme also provides the students with transferable skills and multiskilling which enable them to adapt and adopt to new technologies. In addition to the technical courses, students are also taught English for Digital Technology, Pengajian Islam or Pendidikan Moral, Co-Curriculum, and Inventive Problem Solving to enhance their competencies in soft skills. As the programme emphasizes self-initiated learning and handson competencies, graduates of this programme will be ready to take the challenges in the world of computing technologies.

Programme Aim

The programme believes that every individual has potential to foster adaptable and responsible Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Assistant with new technological advancement in supporting the national digital initiative transformation agenda

Programme Educational Objectives

The Diploma in Information Technology (Digital Technology) programme shall produce semi-professionals ICT practitioners who are capable to:

PEO1: apply basic knowledge, understanding and operational principles of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in assisting to provide solution in adapting to new technological advancement.
PEO2: apply a specific level of practical skills, essential tools, methods and procedures to perform required routine or non-routine tasks.
PEO3: alternately adopt the roles of a leader and a team member, and communicate effectively in assisting and providing solution for Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
PEO4: use variety of digital applications to seek, process and interpret routine and complex data.
PEO5: enterprisingly acquire new knowledge and skills for career advancement and assist to manage resources and information ethically.


ICT manpower demand is expected to have a strong growth recently based on the research done by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). The rapid development in ICT has raised the demand for qualified IT graduates that meet the industry needs and requirements for both locally and globally. Thus, graduates from this programme are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitude and abilities that can be applied to a broad range of careers in the ICT industrial worlds and businesses. The knowledge and skills that the students acquire from the programme will enable them to participate in the job market such as:

Computer Application Programmer
Internet Programmer
Web Programmer
Database Programmer
System Analysts Assistant
Software Developer
Database Administrator
Software Tester
System Support Personnel
System Programmer
Network Support Personnel
Network Administrator
IT Supporting Engineer

Assistant Network Engineer
Technical Helpdesk / Support
Assistant Game Programmer
Game Designer
3D Animator
Storyboard Artist
2D Concept Artist
3D Artist
Assistant Security Analysis
Assistant Information Security Engineer
Assistant Game Developer
Computer Hardware Technician
Assistant Penetration Tester

Entry Requirement

Lepasan SPM (Politeknik Konvensional/METrO)

  1. Warganegara Malaysia
  2. Memiliki SPM atau setaraf
  3. Lulus Bahasa Melayu
  4. Lulus Sejarah (SPM 2013 dan ke atas)
  5. Lulus Bahasa Inggeris
  6. Mendapat TIGA (3) kepujian dalam mata pelajaran berikut:
    1. Mathematics
    2. DUA(2) matapelajaran lain yang belum diambilkira kepujiannya
  7. Calon tidak mempunyai ketidakupayaan penglihatan (buta), pendengaran, fizikal atau pembelajaran yang menyukarkan kerja-kerja amali

Lulusan selain SPM

  1. Warganegara Malaysia
  2. Memiliki Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
  3. Lulus Bahasa Melayu
  4. Lulus Sejarah (SPM 2013 dan ke atas)
  5. Mendapat kepujian dalam mata pelajaran Matematik bagi lulusan selain Kolej Komuniti atau
    Mendapat SATU(1) kepujian dalam mana-mana mata pelajaran dan lulus dalam mata pelajaran Matematik bagi lulusan Kolej Komuniti
  6. Lulus pengajian peringkat Sijil seperti berikut:
    1. Sijil Politeknik Tahap 3, KKM
          • Sijil Teknologi Maklumat
    2. Sijil Kolej Komuniti Tahap 3, KKM
          • Sijil Aplikasi Perisian Komputer
          • Sijil Rangkaian Komputer
          • Sijil Sistem Komputer dan Rangkaian
          • Sijil Sistem Komputer dan Sokongan
          • Sijil Teknologi Maklumat
    3. Sijil Institut Kemahiran Tinggi PERDA Tahap 3, KKM
          • Sijil Teknologi Maklumat
    4. Sijil Institut Kemahiran MARA Tahap 3, KKM
          • Sijil Teknologi Kejuruteraan Komputer
    5. Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Tahap 3
          • Juruteknik Rangkaian Komputer (D-050-3)
          • Juruteknik Rangkaian Komputer (D-051-3)
          • Juruteknik Rangkaian Komputer (IT-030-3)
          • Juruteknik Sistem Komputer (D-040-3)
          • Juruteknik Sistem Komputer (D-041-3)
          • Operasi Sistem Komputer (IT-020-3:2013:)
          • Pembangunan Aplikasi-Pengaturcara Utama (IT-010-3)
          • Perkhidmatan Rangkaian Komputer (IT-030-3:2013:)
          • Sokongan & Penyelenggaraan IT (IT-035-4:2014)

* Sekiranya sijil yang dimiliki tiada dalam senarai diatas, sila hubungi Unit Ambilan Pelajar, Bahagian Ambilan dan Pembangunan Pelajar